Shooting Bags

By on September 26, 2023 0 186 Views

“If you often shoot from a bench, tail gate, picnic table, or other similarly flat and hard surfaces, you will know the pain of trying to support your rifle on your elbows. Not only can it be downright painful for those with boney elbows, but it is also unstable. Even if you don’t have a muzzle heavy rifle, odds are that you are working far too hard to get even a halfway decent group. That’s where a good shooting bag comes in. Let the bag do all the work of supporting the weight of your rifle so you can focus on the things that really matter – life, liberty, and that perfect trigger press. A good front bag will mold around the front of the rifle and hold it in position allowing the shooter to provide the precise Kentucky windage while a good rear bag allows for easy adjustment of elevation simply by squeezing or relaxing the bag. Shooting off a set of bags is the bare minimum anyone should do when checking sights, load performance, or zeroing a scope.
Never used a bag before? Start with a quality front bag that supports the front of the rifle and allows your off hand to take a break.
Shoot from the bipod? Give a rear bag a try and give that lazy offhand something to do by helping stabilize elevation adjustments. Shoot better groups with a lot less work and – most importantly – less elbow pain!”