Why use Kroil?

By on September 19, 2023 0 186 Views

“Why use Kroil? Because it is the all-purpose gun oil loved so much by benchrest shooters. It is fabled that they bathe in it. If it keeps benchrest shooters happy, it must be good stuff. In all seriousness, Kroil does more than just lubricate. It really seems to lift out stubborn carbon deposits that other cleaners fail to catch, especially when you run a couple patches soaked with Kroil through the bore then leave the gun overnight before giving it a good scrub.

My favorite use for Kroil is after I’ve used some of the stronger cleaners out there. You know the stuff – the kind that has a smell that will wake the dead, curls nose hairs, and removes everything that isn’t steel from the bore. Give that stuff enough time and it’ll eat the steel too – even trace amounts. After I’m done, I run a couple of patches soaked in Kroil to not only remove any trace of corrosive cleaner but also to provide a protective oil coating in the bore. It is a “must use” product if you shoot any kind of surplus ammo that might have corrosive primers. It will lift and flush out the salts that would pit an otherwise healthy barrel. As a bonus, Kroil doesn’t smell half-bad either, all things considered. Maybe those benchrest guys are on to something.”