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Scratched Cases: Causes and Cures

by on January 16, 2024 0
A problem that customers occasionally encounter while reloading, is that of cases being scratched in the reloading dies. There can be many reasons for this condition to occur, but they are usually traceable to the level of cleanliness of both the dies and the cases. Generally speaking, almost all instances of case scratching can... Read More

Should I neck size or full length size?

by on January 2, 2024 0
One of the most frequently heard questions we hear at Creedmoor Sports is, “Should I neck size or full-length size?” There is no proven right or wrong answer or at least one that has documented statistically valid data backing it up. You’ll often see guys showing results after shooting only 4 or 5 groups.... Read More

L.E. Wlson Case Gauges

by on November 21, 2023 0
A case gauge, such as the ones by L.E. Wilson, is an essential tool for checking ammunition. It quickly verifies whether a cartridge or case will fit your rifle’s chamber, saving handloaders time and frustration at the range. To ensure accurate measurements, follow these simple rules: Keep the gauge clean: The tight tolerances in... Read More

How To Stab Your Patch!

by on November 14, 2023 0
You just received your new Bore Tech order and are excited to clean your firearm. You did your research to ensure that you purchased the proper gear, knowing that everything should work flawlessly. You begin to push your first patch down the barrel and you notice it is extremely tight and then it jams!... Read More

How To Use a Soup Can Rifle Rest!

by on November 7, 2023 0
The Soup Can Rifle Rest is a rear rest bag that allows you to adjust your vertical position on a target when shooting off a bipod or a front rest bag, by giving the Soup Can Rifle Rest a squeeze. Using the Soup Can Rifle Rest allows you to take some human error out... Read More

How to roll up your shooting mat!

by on October 17, 2023 0
Are you tired of the front of your mat curling upward, causing your ammo box to tip over, and just getting in the way? When folding your shooting mat, it’s important to always fold over the front quarter or third of the mat first. Then, you can proceed rolling it up, starting at the... Read More

Spotting scopes and spotting scope stands

by on October 10, 2023 0
Spotting scopes and spotting scope stands are a shooting staple, allowing shots to be called from the comfort of your shooting position. This has saved many a shooter from long, silent, and usually awkward walks down the range to mark hits and commiserated over misses. In a time where we demand instant feedback, spotting... Read More

The Perfect Time

by on October 3, 2023 0
“As matches become less common during the next few months, now is the perfect time to do what a lot of people never even think about, cleaning your hardback coat. We have found that a mild detergent, such as dawn dish soap and a nylon brush work wonders on stains and, most importantly, smells... Read More

Shooting Bags

by on September 26, 2023 0
“If you often shoot from a bench, tail gate, picnic table, or other similarly flat and hard surfaces, you will know the pain of trying to support your rifle on your elbows. Not only can it be downright painful for those with boney elbows, but it is also unstable. Even if you don’t have... Read More

Why use Kroil?

by on September 19, 2023 0
“Why use Kroil? Because it is the all-purpose gun oil loved so much by benchrest shooters. It is fabled that they bathe in it. If it keeps benchrest shooters happy, it must be good stuff. In all seriousness, Kroil does more than just lubricate. It really seems to lift out stubborn carbon deposits that... Read More