L.E. Wlson Case Gauges

By on November 21, 2023 0 158 Views

A case gauge, such as the ones by L.E. Wilson, is an essential tool for checking ammunition. It quickly verifies whether a cartridge or case will fit your rifle’s chamber, saving handloaders time and frustration at the range. To ensure accurate measurements, follow these simple rules:

  1. Keep the gauge clean: The tight tolerances in the gauge demand cleanliness. Before use, run a patch through it to remove any debris. After your reloading session, clean it again with a patch and a touch of gun oil to prevent corrosion.
  2. Avoid using thumb pressure: Resist the temptation to use your thumb to seat the round, as it can lead to false readings due to the thumb’s strength. Instead, hold the gauge in one hand and gently apply pressure to the case head with the side of your pointer finger. If it doesn’t seat flush, there’s an issue.
  3. Use it regularly: When setting up your dies, use the case gauge at every step to ensure proper sizing, bullet seating, and crimping. This approach guarantees that your finished rounds will pass the final gauge check, minimizing scrap ammunition.


Handloaders typically use two gauges: a case gauge for checking case dimensions and a cartridge gauge for inspecting loaded cases. Both can assess chamber fit, but only a cartridge gauge checks the entire cartridge, including the bullet. The choice between them is yours, but a case gauge is a minimum requirement as it checks measurements that calipers can’t easily handle.

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