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18 years and the memory is just as vivid as the day it happened. ... See MoreSee Less

18 years and the memory is just as vivid as the day it happened.


Drinking and shopping online over a holiday weekend can sound like a fun thing to do, but it must be done responsibly. Always check with your spouse before placing an order so we can avoid getting emails like this one.:

"I placed an order yesterday evening (Aug 31st). The order number is xxxxxx. Unfortunately, I placed the order after drinking a bit too much whiskey. My wife has discovered my lapse in judgment and has made it clear that I must cancel the order. As such, I am respectfully requesting that my entire order be cancelled. I will place an order at a later time when I have saved for this purchase and my wife has authorized the purchase. Please confirm the cancellation, if you would."

(Probably the best cancellation email we've ever gotten 😂)

Has this ever happened to you?
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I'm pretty sure a night of drinking Yuengling and Fireball and an atrocious offhand session inspired a hardback coat purchase earlier this summer... I'm still not sure who to blame for that one!

Thanks for sharing the story, made my day. 😆

Shot a Regional MAC in the National Guard, mossed legging by a SECOND tieBreaker. Got lit on Makers Mark and Octoberfest boilermakers that night. Ordered a BCM M16A4 upper and parts to build out a clone A4 “because I need more practice!!!” Totally forgot about it, parts arrived a week after I got home from the match. Wife = not impressed.

I own a very nice 1903a3 due to GunBroker and high gravity beer. My wife is the only one who had any issues with the choice. We are better now.

Thank the lord I am single 😁

so sad. Maybe he should of ordered a few things for her at the same time. =)

had a coworker that drank a little too much at one time in his life, he shared a story of when he purchased an airplane off Ebay😂😂😂😂

All I heard was "Yes Dear" the whole email. Learn it early boys.

Yes this is why I wrap a new toy in either a piece of carpet or a paper ream box. Depending on the length of said new toy

I own a guitar shop... not uncommon 😆

Just think, you probably just saved a life!

Yes but I never cancelled. Come to think about it, I wasnt drinking either!

And people wonder why I'm single.

We should ban on-Line shopping. If it saves just one marriage, it’s worth it! I think I heard that from a candidate in one of the recent debates....

Lol... I love it. Just love it...

I guess she wears the pants in that family! LMAO!

Never wine and Prime

Give up drinking. Save the Whiskey money to spend on gun related items.

On gun shops, all the time.

The struggle is real!

Or maybe own the mistake like a man instead of blaming your wife and pulling your own man card? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Poor guy...

No way?? This is some hilarious stuff

Hah Tell him to leave the order in place and have another drink

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