Creedmoor® Sports Inverted Know Your Limits Rifle Target

by September 21, 2023 0

Creedmoor Sports is pleased to announce the introduction of their first steel target intended for precision rifle shooting.  The Inverted Know Your Limits (KYL) target is designed to offer a fun and challenging target presentation for shooters of all skill levels.  Unlike most conventional targets where shooters engage a steel gong, the Inverted Know...

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Creedmoor Sports Gun Book

by June 23, 2023 0

Rifle shooters, regardless of their respective disciplines, are very good at keeping records. We record load data down to the slightest detail. We record dope, zeros, sight settings (pick your preferred nomenclature) to include data that is range-specific. We record stock settings, atmospheric conditions, light conditions, and nearly everything else you can imagine. But...

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Fischbach uses TRX-925 to help win EBSF European Benchrest Championship

by December 17, 2022 0

Pascal Fischbach put up an impressive showing at the 2022 European Benchrest Championships, placing 3rd in the Heavy Varmint Aggregate, winning the Light Varmint Aggregate, and taking the overall Championship by winning the 2-gun aggregate.  Pascal’s 0.225” (5.7203MM) two-gun aggregate bested the field by nearly twenty-thousandths of an inch, which is a wide margin...

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Ray’s New Labradar

by January 13, 2018 0

The chronograph era is over – LabRadar is the world’s newest technology in obtaining projectile velocities of Rifles, Shotguns (slugs only), Handguns, Pellet Guns, BB Guns, Bow & Arrows, Crossbows, Paintball. Doppler Radar is the most precise method of measuring velocities available. Its accuracy is not dependant on light conditions or being exactly parallel...

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