Tech Tip-Rimfire Ballistic Profile – Part 1

By cizentrysite on April 19, 2022
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Part 1: Overview for truing your ballistic coefficient
to make hits at 200 to 300 yards with your 22lr.

with Wayne Dayberry

There’s plenty of data on the inter webs to get you on target at distance with most popular long-range centerfire cartridges. But let’s say you want too apply those same principles and ring steel at distance with your rimfire rifle. This is one of a series of articles to help make that happen. We will dive deeper into the details over the next few days. Stay tuned!

Quick Start

  • Download a ballistic solver application on your computer or phone
  • Gather up some quality match ammunition and your chronograph
  • Capture muzzle velocities
  • Enter .1 as a Ballistic Coefficient if BC is uknown into your solver as your baseline, along with your bullet weight, muzzle velocity and any other data needed.
  • Zero at your preferred distance. (We chose 35 yards)
  • Shoot at 50yd, 100yd, 200yd, 300yd, truing your BC at each distance before going to the next.
  • Write down actual elevation adjustments to make these shots
  • Adjust the ballistic coefficient in your solver attempting to match your actual adjustments. Make small refinements.

Now you have a custom built ballistic profile for your weapon system and ammunition of choice. 

Remember this from Ken Oehler in his article “Extended Range Truing Why and How”…

“The bullet doesn’t lie, you must listen”