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Creedmoor Sports has named Dennis DeMille, Vice President of Product Development.

By on December 19, 2016 0 1865 Views
Dennis has been involved in developing many of the existing Creedmoor products over the past 10 years which have proven to be very popular among competition shooters. But the time he has had to devote as General Manager running the day to day operations has allowed him little time in recent years to focus on developing innovative and creative products for their customers. Creedmoor Sports has a long-term history and reputation for developing and creating exciting, well-built new products for precision minded shooters including those involved in the competitive rifle sports. This new, change of focus allows Dennis to utilize his talents fully on product development for Creedmoor.
Dennis commented about the change; “This was a joint decision made by myself and the owner of Creedmoor Sports, Greg Kantorovich.  The addition of Bill Gravatt to the team with his extensive track record of creating new products for his prior company, Sinclair International, and later Brownells, makes this move perfectly timed.  After having many conversations with Bill, it dawned on both of us that me handling the day to day operations of Creedmoor was not using my creative skills, coupled with my many years of competitive shooting experience, to its full potential.   I’m more excited than ever about the future of Creedmoor Sports in continuing to provide well-built and well-designed products to our customers. I look forward to once again focusing on being the innovator responsible for making sure Creedmoor Sports retains and builds on our reputation of being on the cutting edge of product development for precision rifle enthusiasts.”
Greg added, “We are very excited with this transition as Dennis’ passion for creativity and his tenacity to get new products to market will help us continue our strong growth in many different markets.  I’m excited to have Dennis working with Bill and our team on precision oriented shooting gear, reloading tools, firearm maintenance products, and soft goods.  Our customers have been asking us to supply them with reloading equipment for years but we just never felt the timing was right.  We are also excited about involving our customers with the product development process and look forward to engaging in the creative process with them. We love carrying other companies’ lines but are always looking at building our own products to provide a solution to our customer’s need. We want to “wow” our customers and we feel now is the time to shine!
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