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Creedmoor Sports Product Review in ‘Junior Shooters’ Fall Edition

By cizentrysite on August 7, 2017
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Hitting the newstand next week, junior competitor Serena Juchnowski reviews Creedmoor Sports’ High Power products and how they have helped her shooting progress.  We’ll post a link to the actual article once it is live.

Here is a small sample:

“When I first started shooting high power service rifle, I had never used or seen a shooting coat. My first true shooting experiences were in single-shot silhouette competitions, which did not permit the use of gear such as this. I borrowed my shooting coach’s wife’s coat for a while, but as I honed my skills I discovered that it was too big for me, especially in the shoulders. This made it hard to develop a consistent prone position.
After talking with fellow high power shooters, I learned that most preferred the Creedmoor hardback shooting coat. I soon found that the standard coat sizes generally fit men better than women. This makes sense considering the market: female high power shooters are greatly outnumbered. I presented my issue and Creedmoor’s excellent staff worked above and beyond to make me their first fully customized coat and get it to me before my match season began. I worked mostly with Gina Williams, Customer Care and Operations Manager, and Brent Books, who were more than helpful throughout the process. I was worried that the coat would not fit quite right due to the extensive measurements involved. Creedmoor creatively sent me a canvas liner to try on and see how it fit prior to making the full coat. Coordinating between Alabama and Ohio, they made adjustments to the liner to complete the coat.
When my Creedmoor coat arrived the night before my first across-the-course high power match of the season, I was thrilled and struck by the beauty of it. I had chosen navy leather sleeves with a royal blue front and silver back”….more to follow once the article is live!