Review of the NEW Rifle Rack Mount For Creedmoor Range Cart

By cizentrysite on July 16, 2020
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After an unfortunate experience at Camp Perry, when my rifle just fell off my cart and landed on the scope while coming off one of the mountainous berms at Camp Perry last year,  I was really looking for a more secure way to transport my rifle over the rutted and punishing Camp Perry terrain, especially on Viale Range.  So, I thought getting the new Creedmoor Rifle Rack Mount was worth a try.  

The mounts are made of Delrin, are very solid, and the rifle is secured with stretchy rubber tubing, the likes of which are quickly-deployed and seem like they will do the job.  Installation of the mounts was intuitive, even without instructions (which were not included in the box – an oversight). I would suggest that you ensure the bottom bracket is fully tied in and solidly in the machined notch of the baseplate.  Mine was not because I was able to wiggle it  (probably another oversight).  Once I tapped the pieces together with a mallet (fit is very tight) and carefully torqued the fasteners, all was well.  When you have the top and bottom brackets positioned, I would also suggest a little locktite on the fastener hardware and using acorn nuts instead of hex nuts.  The locktite because stuff always gets loose when you least need it to and you lack the tools to fix the problem; the latter because the ends of the machine screws are sharp and snag on the edge of the bag down below.  

So, on the range for a weekend of matches, I found the new brackets to be perfect.  I just love this setup.  From sitting, prone, or standing, it’s easy to hook the rifle on the bottom bracket, and it takes just a few seconds to secure the valuable cargo with the rubber tubing.   Just superb!  While our range in Oak Ridge does not offer a true test of ability to resist shocks and vibration like Camp Perry does, I am certain this rifle mount can take the abuse.  

All – in – all, this is a great addition to your Creedmoor cart – buy once, cry once, but you won’t look back once you try it and best of all, you can be certain that your rifle won’t take a spill.

Mike Glasman

Oak Ridge, Tennessee