Maintaining Your Creedmoor Coat

By cizentrysite on May 25, 2017
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Creedmoor has been making shooting coats since 1979. We take great pride in having thousands of coats made right here in our own facility. As you go down the firing line, we’re sure that you’ll see we are the choice of competitive shooters.

We regularly get calls from customers who have had their same Creedmoor coat for 10, 15 and even 20 years and all they need is a new buckle or a shoulder rubber repair. But, the number one question we get from those who own a Creedmoor is, “How do I clean this coat?”

The materials used in the Creedmoor coat will vary, depending on the style. However, the cleaning suggestion is the same. We have tested these suggestions and feel that they are easy to follow and could help increase the life of your coat.

First, we suggest wearing a shooting jersey or sweatshirt whenever wearing a Creedmoor. This helps prevent perspiration getting into the materials too much and keeping odors on the jersey that can be washed a bit more easily and more often. We carry the Creedmoor Shooting Jersey  in sizes medium to 3XL.

Second, when you are finished shooting, hang your coat so that it’s open allowing air to dry the inside before storing it. Our Shooting Coat Hanger has a wide shoulder area to help maximize the airflow.

Along your journeys to the range, you’re surely going to get dirt on your coat. Maybe you’re at Camp Perry, Ohio, and it’s actually not raining, but the sun is beating down with high humidity. Your coat is drenched with sweat and there’s not a chair to be had so you rest it on the grass. So, you’re going to need to clean it at some point.

Keeping your Creedmoor coat clean is advantageous to its longevity. Using warm water and a mild detergent, such as Woolite, will do the trick most of the time. We carry a Fabric Cleaner that could be used as well. Test a small spot first and let it dry before continuing, just in case there’s an unfavorable reaction. If the spot turns out fine, continue with the entire coat. A scrub brush might be useful to work out any of the ground-in stains. Never put your Creedmoor coat in a washer or dryer and never take it to the dry-cleaners. The household machines or chemicals used at the cleaners may ruin the non-slip material (rubber pieces) used on the coat.

Once you’ve cleaned your coat, it’s best to air dry. Again, the wide-shoulder hanger that we can provide would be a good option, or lay it flat for a few hours on each side.

Storing your coat is important too. Your coat should either be hung or folded and put away, much like most people do their winter clothing. The lighter coats can fold pretty easily but the heavier coats should be laid flat, arms folded over the chest, then folding the bottom half of the coat underneath. Our Creedmoor Heavy Coat Bag is a nice way to store the coat long term or while traveling to the range. It helps protect the materials from weather and being beat up during transit.

Cleaning Leather Coats

If you’ve chosen a leather Creedmoor coat, try to just wipe the soiled area clean with a damp towel. There are leather cleaners available that are usually found in the boot section of your local shoe store. Again, air dry.

With some basic care we are sure that you’re going to get many years of use out of your Creedmoor coat!