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Creedmoor Sports Introduces New TRX-925 Precision Reloading Scale

By cizentrysite on December 2, 2021
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Creedmoor Sports is excited to announce the TRX-925 Precision Reloading Scale, the newest introduction to our product line-up. Our development team set out to create one of the most accurate and precise scales on the market that directly meets the needs of reloaders who are looking for the pinnacle of performance. To achieve this level or precision and accuracy, the team focused on the needs of reloaders first and foremost, and worked to develop a high-performance scale that aims to be the premier reloading scale on the market.

To offer the highest level of accuracy possible, the team started by ensuring the scale utilized grains as its native unit of measure, maintained accuracy down to the hundredth (0.01) of a grain, and had a more refined level of calibration for exact and consistent measurements.

As reloaders, we speak in grains. Our specialized programming sets the Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 apart from other scales on the market. While measuring in grains may seem like the norm, the vast majority of scales on the market utilize grams as their native unit of measure and simply convert the measured weight from grams to grains by using a formula. Unfortunately, this method of behind-the-scenes conversion generates significant rounding errors that can affect the reported weight. The ability of the TRX-925 to read down to 0.01 grains, eliminating the gram/grain conversion process, and measuring natively in grains, were absolute musts to achieve the level of accuracy the Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 is capable of.

To ensure that the TRX-925 maintains the level of precision that serious reloaders demand, each Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 comes standard with three F-1 class calibration weights (2g, 10g and 50g). These precision grade weights are machined from stainless steel, and each come in its own protective storage case. The inclusion of the three weights and the multi-point calibration process developed by our team, allow reloaders to calibrate at their normal range of operation, which serves to ensure charge weights are consistent over time.

The Creedmoor Sports TRX-925 Precision Reloading Scale works with a level of precision offered only by a select few scales on the market. To do this, our scales are produced in an ISO9001:2008 approved facility and utilize laboratory-grade electronics. The TRX-925 also includes an anodized static-free powder pan, which has a 925 grain maximum capacity, and comes with a modular draft shield. The backlit LCD display allows the user to reload easily in overly bright, or low-light conditions without eye strain.

While the TRX-925 is a new addition, Creedmoor Sports has a long history of supporting the needs of precision shooters. Headquartered in Anniston, Alabama, Creedmoor Sports has over 40 years of experience in the shooting sports industry, with competitive and precision shooting being the core focus. We offer a complete line of Creedmoor Sports branded products as well as other leading brands within the shooting sports industry.