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Creedmoor Sports values our customers and your feedback is very important as we continue to develop new products.  To provide feedback on of our products please click on the review submission link on this page.

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Creedmoor Sports InfoZone
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by Roger Estes on Creedmoor Sports InfoZone
Freeland Tripod & Zoom Head

I bought a Freeland Tripod & zoom head from you on 6/7/17.  It was one of my better purchases.

I'm a long time prone and position shooter so I know the value of a quality scope mount that is easy to move up & down as well as a tripod with ease of set up and stable enough to not turn over from the weight of the scope itself or from wind.

I had been using another scope holder that came loose everytime I used it. Nor did it have an external up and down adjustment.  The scope was too heavy for it so I had to watch how I set it up as well as how many scope poles or it would turn over.  I was despairing that I would Ever get another quality set-up like I had as a prone/4P shooter.

Then I was looking for something else and came upon your Freeland setup. I knew immediately that it was exactly what I had been looking for and bought it!

It is perfect!  Thank you!


by Josh Buege on Creedmoor Sports InfoZone
Best .308 Win Factory Ammo Available

I used to reload for PRS type competition, but ever since I found this Creedmoor ammunition I haven't needed to load a single round for my custom .308 build. Top quality components replicated my handload performance, if not exceeding it on occasion! Sub-Half MOA five round groups are typical at 100 yards off a bipod, with occasional groups as small as .25 MOA.

The best part about this Creedmoor ammunition is the complimentary once fired Lapua brass I get to take home after each match.

by Matthew, F-Class Community Channel on Creedmoor Sports InfoZone
Review of Creedmoor Sports Deluxe Scoped Rifle Case
Video Link for video reviews: https://youtu.be/m5y-n69gPcw

Looking to improve and compact my range gear when traveling to Ottawa for the FCWC. Since shipping wagon or a cart is to costly to ship. I needed something to free up my hands carry my equipment. So here's my brief take on the Creedmoor Sports Deluxe Scoped Rifle case Model #N158. Purchased on sale for under $100 USD. Well made 4.5Vs out of 5Vs.